Dr Dhanpal Singh

Dr. Dhanpal SinghDr. Dhanpal Singh


Dr. Dhanpal Singh is Graduated from Rural Dental College and Hospital of Pravara Insititute of Medical Sciences University. He is an experienced Trainer with 05 years of Exclusive clinical Implant practice. He has placed more than 5000 Dental implants so far. He has worked as Sales, Product Specialist, Trainer, Course Mentor and Consultant with different Implant companies like OSSTEM, MEGAGEN, CORTEX, etc. He has worked with more than 40 dental clinics in Delhi-NCR. He has received Prime-minister’s Scholarship for Dental Education, Pierre Fauchard Academy senior student award. He has been mentor for Elsevier student program and student research fellow at Indian Council for Medical Research. He has Pub-Med indexed published research articles in his name. He has delivered lectures at National and International platforms.