Harnaam Singh

Mr. Harnaam Singh had been suffering with his teeth for a long time.

He had several tooth supported bridges in his mouth which were failing and the rest of his teeth were getting periodontally involved. He was not able to enjoy his food and was unhappy with how the teeth looked.

We noted that many of his teeth were loose and needed to be extracted. We gave him dentures to be worn till his final teeth were got ready. We planned sinus lifts on both sides of the upper jaw and eight implant placements followed by completely fixed implant supported bridge while for the lower jaw few RCIs, gum treatments and two implants were planned.

After a few months of implant placement, we were able to give him a fixed solution for all his upper teeth and crowns for a few of the natural teeth. He now has a full set of teeth, giving him excellent support to eat all kinds of food. With his treatment being carried out gently and painlessly, he is a great advocate for the treatment he received at Dr. Kathuria’s Dental Specialties.

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