Discover Invisible Braces

For many years, metal braces have been used to correct dental problems. Many people, however find them uncomfortable and consider them to look unattractive.

With the advent of technology, it is now possible to have braces that are not visible to others. Invisible braces, also known as ibraces or lingual braces are often used as an option instead of traditional metal braces.

When is it Required?

They can be used to:

  • Align/Straighten maligned teeth
  • Correct proclined teeth
  • Correct a misaligned bite
  • Fix gaps among teeth
  • Shape the teeth and jaw
  • Widen the palate

Invisible braces can be used wherever traditional braces have been used. They can be used to treat mild or moderate crowding or spacing problems, improve misaligned bites or straighten misaligned teeth. Severe version of these dental problems may require more complex treatment.


Invisible braces have numerous advantages such as

  • As the name suggests they are almost totally invisible to everyone
  • Better comfort
  • Can be removed by patient so that the patient can be more confident and comfortable in social gatherings (Can be removed for short duration)
  • No food restrictions in comparison to conventional braces

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