Discover Metal-free crowns

Sometimes people may experience some kind of damage to the surface of their teeth during their lifetime. The tooth/teeth may become cracked, chipped or discolored due to various reasons such as severe trauma or the natural effect of daily routine.

When the extent of such damage increases, it may eventually result in the tooth/teeth reducing in size as the surface (enamel) wears off. Then an artificial tooth covering is bonded to the existing surface.

This artificial tooth covering is called a crown. Crowns are also used to support bridges. A metal-free crown is made entirely of ceramic and closely resembles the natural tooth in terms of colour and durability.

When is it Required?

Metal-free crowns can be used wherever crowns are needed such as for teeth that are  chipped, broken or worn down.

What is the Procedure?

The same procedure that is used for implanting regular crowns is followed while implanting a dental crown. The dentist first removes any decay and shapes the tooth to receive a crown. A temporary crown is fitted over the prepared tooth.

On the next visit, the temporary crown is removed and the new metal-free crown is implanted and the fit carefully checked. It is then cemented in place, restoring the tooth to its natural strength, appearance and function. Proper dental hygiene and care must be maintained to ensure the longevity of the crown. Regular visits to the dentist are also important.


Metal-free crowns have numerous advantages over regular crowns. They

  • Resemble closest to the adjacent natural teeth as compared to other crowns
  • There is no ‘metal show’ near the gums which makes it highly aesthetic.
  • Accumulates less bacteria around the teeth as it has no metal.
  • Have better fit on the tooth
  • Require less removal of natural tooth structure.

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