What Are Flexible Dentures And For Whom?


Flexible dentures are one of the latest technologies used in the world of prosthetics. The growing popularity of flexible dentures is largely due to the great comfort of wearing during everyday use.

Thanks to this comfort, a person wearing a denture quickly gets used to its presence on the palate, which has a positive impact on the comfort of wearing. The durable and flexible material they are made of makes the flexible dentures very durable and resistant to any mechanical injuries. It is worth mentioning that this type of dentures is fixed on brackets, thanks to which they do not press down on gums or palate, which increases comfort and ease of use in contrast to ordinary dentures made of acrylic.

Flexible Dentures – Comfort and Convenience

Flexible dentures are also transparent. This has a positive effect on the aesthetic impressions, as they blend in perfectly with the rest of the gums. An inexperienced observer will certainly not be able to notice a fixed denture made of elastic material.

The most common material for dentures is the acron. Its versatility and neutrality of taste and smell make it sure to fit the oral cavity of each patient. If the patient is allergic or prone to oral cavity inflammation – do not worry. Flexible dentures do not have allergens and toxic substances, so their use is also safe for the patient.

Hygiene of Flexible Dentures

Taking care of the hygiene of a flexible denture should not cause any problems to the user. Dentures made of elastic materials should be thoroughly cleaned in the morning and before bed with a toothbrush and good quality toothpaste. Brushing thoroughly and in accordance with the dentist’s recommendations will ensure that no unwanted food remains or bacteria will remain on the denture.

How Much Does a Flexible Denture Cost?

Flexible dentures undoubtedly outclass other types of dentures due to a number of advantages they offer. Unfortunately, it should be noted that a wide range of positives will also be associated with a sufficiently high price. Before you decide to make an individual flexible denture, you should look around for offices in the area where this service is offered. Of course, it may happen that the price of a flexible denture will differ from one institution to another. Currently, the price of a denture made of flexible material is several hundred euros.

Purchase of a Denture

Once you have decided to buy a flexible denture, you should go to a good dentist who, on the basis of the lower and upper line of teeth, will choose the best type of denture. However, in order to ensure that the denture is perfectly matched, the dentist prepares a trial version of the provisional one. Thanks to this, the patient will be able to mention any possible discomfort.

The waiting time for a denture from the first consultation in the dentist’s office is, on average, two weeks. Thanks to this, the patient can quickly forget about the shame associated with wearing a denture and feel confident again in everyday situations.

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